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Energy & Chakra Massage for Women Munich
Daniel Eder see profile
Prague, Czech Republic
124 views · 239km

I offer massages especially for women. healing & wellbeing :-D Relaxation & Chakra Energy Massages fine tuned for the womans energy. I am highly sensitive and feel energy and emotional blockages within the body and can clear them quickly. I always had more yin energy than most men and the allows me to work with women on a different level. Also traumatized women or women living with certain energy and emotional issues in life. Whatsapp +4917643838248

Samira Weiß see profile
München, Germany
12 views · 97km

Wellnessmassagen Nahrung für die Haut, Wirkstoffkosmetik, Kosmetik ohne Chemie (Beratung und Verkauf) Bemer - Physikalische Gefäßtherapie

Friseur Ulm see profile
Ulm, Germany Germany
2 views · 212km

Hairstyling Ulm Haarverlängerung Ulm Ulm Haarverlängerung Schneiden Ulm Föhnen Ulm Waschen Ulm

Friseur Ulm Ohne Termin see profile
, Germany
2 views · 212km

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