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Yoga & Wellness Retreats at The Heart of Germany (paying member)
Gaia Retreat House see profile
Hessisch Lichtenau, Hessen Germany
11 views · 166km

An opportunity to take the time to slow down and let go from daily living to explore the world of Yoga. Here, you will bask in silence, rejuvenation, and bliss, while meeting new people and falling into a relaxed state of your body and life. "Life changing experience!" I've been to yoga retreats in the past but this was the most amazing experience I've ever had. Peace and kindness were the marks of the days. The yoga and the fellowship were great, and the food was simply delicious. Can't wait to go back. Neil, United States

Friseur Ulm see profile
Ulm, Germany Germany
2 views · 226km

Hairstyling Ulm Haarverlängerung Ulm Ulm Haarverlängerung Schneiden Ulm Föhnen Ulm Waschen Ulm

Friseur Ulm Ohne Termin see profile
, Germany
2 views · 226km

Astralreisen Lernen see profile
, Germany
5 views · 197km

Hypnose Wiesbaden see profile
, Germany
3 views · 81km

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